Shivalik Celebrates National Voters Day

As a measure to enhance participation of the citizens in the democratic electoral process, the Election commission has declared 25th January, its foundation day, as National Voters Day. To commemorate the same, the NSS volunteers of XI of the Shivalik Public School conducted the special assembly. On this occasion, they presented their presentations, highlighting the year’s National Voters’ Day theme ‘No Voter to be left behind’ suggesting the focus on inclusiveness. A movie was also showcased emphasizing the importance of mass participation in voting in a democratic set up. Students displayed keen interest and interacted with the NSS volunteers.

While delivering her special address, the Principal of the school, Mrs Anupkiran Kaur motivated the students to make others aware of their duty to use their Right to Vote as the everyone’s participation in political process would strengthen Indian Democracy. She reiterated that voter is the bedrock of the institution of democracy.

Students and staff were administered the pledge by her that they must cast their vote during elections. Armaan Noor Singh of XI,conducted the activity. Anisha, Nidha and Rubal Raina of XI were applauded for their well prepared presentations.

Before the assembly,an essay writing competition was held among the volunteers, Bhanvi got first position, second and third positions were bagged by Vishalika and Harleen Kaur. In addition, the certificates of appreciation were awarded to the cycle rally participants as well who had shown enthusiasm to create awareness about the importance of voting.

The message ‘To encourage the youngsters, who have attained the age of 18 years, to participate in the political processes’ was conveyed to the audience.

It is imperative for the country if young generation is made aware of the importance and the value of its votes. Shivalik was able to do it well today.