Teachers Day Celebrations on September 5, 2018

To commemorate the selfless profession of teaching ,the staff of   Shivalik Public School, Mohali came together to celebrate this pious occasion where the teacher, a second mother to a child, is thanked and the spirit of teaching earns appreciation and accolades by means of special efforts put up by the students in the honour of them. The day was initiated with the students playing the roles of the teachers. It proved to be quite interesting and fruitful exercise which was enjoyed by the teachers as well as the students. Teaching faculty of Shivalik Public School,Mohali celebrated Teacher’s Day by organising a unique get together  dedicated to the teachers. The proceedings commenced by  seeking the divine blessings followed by a floral tribute to the great teacher- President of India late Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch advocate of education, intellectual, and above all a Teacher. The teachers’ roles in 21st century were reminded through different presentations. Teachers also showcased their talent through different dance presentations on the rhythm of the foot tapping music.