All human beings construct their understanding of things and the most an education process can do is to provide tools and methods and settings in which children can become better at thinking things through and constructing their own understanding. Moreover, it is a known fact that education is a lifelong process which is to be nurtured with love and care. It must be built on a firm and broad foundation for students to excel in life.

The turn of the millennium has constantly been throwing up various challenges to the mankind. And we must realize that we are living in a 'fast forward' age. Everything is changing at a speed. We are now exposed to the omnipresence of mass media. The growing volume of information and knowledge through various technologies “Digital World” has established the fact that access to knowledge is free and quick. In spite of the rapid progress in information technology and society at large, it is being realized that there is a gaping void with regard to holistic and integral development of an individual personality.


As an educationist, I personally believe that everyone would like to move ahead for a value based system of education. We believe and accept that education is a  formative process. The schools in particular have a greater role to play in the fast changing world of today to instill human values in the children and to prepare them to face life as it comes.


We lay stress not just on academic excellence but on "character formation with academic excellence". It motivates children to "always aim high" and cultivate core values as a first place for the Divine, integrity of character and maturity in behavior, pursuit of excellence and creative genius, respect of the human person with an emphasis for elders and teachers, loyalty to the nation and a balanced understanding of the prevailing global situation.


Our students become socially conscious, intellectually competent, culturally relevant, morally upright, religiously vibrant and emotionally balanced. With your support, together we can achieve the dream that you have for your wards. I can foresee that every child who has entered the Temple of Shivalik Public School, Mohali, with its motto 'Victory with Determination' will certainly reach the heights of glory.


I am sure that the school will continue its sustained efforts in grooming its students to excel in all walks of life by further broadening its horizons. 


Best wishes for an enriching and fruitful current academic year!


D.S. Bedi