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With the changing times, the responsibilities of a teacher are also growing. Therefore, it has become very important for teachers to hone their teaching skills so that they can satisfy the curiosity of the enthusiastic students. For evolving such an important factor, Shivalik Public School Phase VI, MOHALI had initiated its Annual INSET Programme which continued for 6 day (from 28th May to 2nd June, 2018) for approx.. 300 teachers from all the branches of Shivalik Public School located in Chandigarh, Nawan Shehar, Patiala and Mohali. The programme aimed at training the teachers to adapt with 21st century tools and teaching skills. There were different segments of the in-service training programme. The first day’s guest speaker Mrs Harpreet Kaur , Principal, Guru Harkrishan Public School, Chandigarh delivered the talk, presentation & keynote address on Inclusion and Inclusive Education , an important issue of the day. She expressed her opinion and explained the topic in an elaborated manner.She expressed her concern about including all variety of the students into the main educational stream. The second guest speaker of the day, Ms Manish, Director, Simply Health Plus, spoke very effectively on Gender Sensitivity and was successful in sensitizing the participants regarding the issue of gender so that they provide a gender equitable environment in the class rooms, develop expertise in handling the gender bias and offer an environment conducive to shared learning . Dr. Anupama Mankotia, Oxford University Press and Mr Sandeep Sharma, Ratna Sagar Publishers, were the speakers of the second day of the INSET. Ms Manisha talked about ‘Being an Effective Teacher for 21st century’ .She emphasised upon building student teacher relationship that shifts from ‘Command’ to conversation. She also laid emphasis on extracting the creativity from each child by ‘exploring the garden within’. Mr Sandeep Sharma’s address on Learn, Unlearn and Relearn stressed on the need of creating a change in teaching strategies. The third day of the programme saw Ms Neena Chopra, a renowned speaker who outlined the importance of attitude, perseverance, learning from failure and power of thinking when she addressed the audience on the topic’ Skillful Curriculum For 21st Century’ Mr. Jeevan D'Cunha,Vice President at Indian Career Education & Development Council (ICEDC) on fourth day of the INSET, focussed on methods to engage students through activity- and inquiry-based learning. His activity based interesting session made every teacher to think on a very important aspect of teaching that Creative teaching can only be a part of a classroom if the teacher presiding is an ingenious individual. A teacher who is creative enough to be part of the innovative classroom can design exciting new lessons, motivate the students for right classroom environment required to showcase students’ innovative minds. The interest of the teachers was well maintained on the fifth day of the INSET programme by Ms Nandita Mukerji, Mcmilan Publishers.’New Age Teaching Methodology’ was very well illustrated by her. She involved recreational and thought-provoking brain storming activities for the teachers. The day also saw the informative presentations by the computer teachers who apprised the teachers with the new educational websites and apps. The 6th and the concluding day of the INSET began with the school prayer, thought of the day and moral story presented by the teachers. Mr. D.S.Bedi, Director, Shivalik Public Schoosl addressed the teachers with a motivating and inspiring message highlighting the fact that “If teachers don’t act as learners, they cannot keep themselves abreast with the 21st century pedagogical developments”. Yesterday’s proceedings were well recapitulated before starting the day’s session. The last day i. e. The 6th day of the INSET had been very fruitful as the resource person from Tinkering Lab, Manoj and Suraj Verma from Karadi Path took interactive and interesting sessions about teaching the languages. In the end, the yoga exercises were performed by the teachers which helped them to rejuvenate. On the whole, the day provided the teachers with a 21st century learner’s perspective to integrate digital technology within their classrooms. An interesting and enriching approach towards education was well concluded with the address by the Revered Director Mr DS Bedi. He complimented the teachers for their efforts to inculcate the traits of the 21st century teaching skills. He termed it as an 'Active, Healthy and Collaborative Session'. He also urged the teachers to use the new methodologies in the classroom.



Mohali,16 May 2018

 Shivalik Public School, Phase VI, Mohali celebrated the National Technology Day on 16th May, 2018 in order to acquaint the students with 21 st century tools and technology. Inter Shivalik Technology based competitions were organised in the school wherein different branches of Shivalik Public School were invited.It included a number of theme based competitions for classes III to VIII like TuxPaint - IPL, Ms Word Poster Making -Common Wealth Games, MS Word Article writing -Gender Equality , On the spot PPT Making-21st century educational tools, Power Point Presentation-Offline to Online Technology and Cyber security, blog creation - ICT Transforming Life. The students learnt how technology has revolutionised the world and globally connected us. students.


In the TuxPaint category Avni won the Ist prize, Arnav Gupta and Bhavik of class III won the IInd and IIIrd prize. In MS Word Poster Making Competition Aarav Balihar, Mohommad Riaz and Manreet Kaur won the Ist, IInd and III rd positions respectively. In Monologue Theme: IT Mobile APPS category Nachiket Pathania stood Ist , Eishvi Thakur and Lakshya Verma stood IInd and IIIrd respectively. In MS WORD ARTICLE WRITING-GENDER EQUALITY competition Mishthi Piplani stood Ist, Divyanshi and Nehal Stood IInd and IIIrd respectively. PPT Making-21ST Century Education Tools Competition Lizza stood Ist ,Divnain and Kapish stood IInd and IIIrd. In Powerpoint Presentation - Offline to Online Technology Category Hargun & Avishi stood Ist, Abhilasha & Khushi stood IInd and Drishti & Antam tood IIIrd.In Powerpoint Presentation - Information Security competition Tanveer & Shivank stood Ist,Nandita & Samridhi stood IInd and Varun & Harmilap stood IIIrd. In Blog Creation -ICT Transforming Life competition Lakshay stood Ist ,Abhishek and Piyush stood IInd and IIIrd respectively. The School Principal Mrs. Anupkiran Kaur congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts made by the students. The students were encouraged to use more and more technology and be 21st century learners. students.




Mohali,26 January


Annual Republic Day at ShivalikPublic School was celebrated with immense zeal and patriotic fervour by one and all. The event was a plethora of multicultural activities to commemorate the advent of Indian Constitution and based on ideals of sovereignty, justice, equality and fraternity. The celebrations commenced with the customary unfurling of the national flag by the Respected Director, Shivalik Public Schools, Mr D S Bedi. It was followed with thesinging of the National Anthem by the school choir which set the mood of everyone as the proud citizens of India. Then the impressive march past by the students,mesmerized everyone.

Later all assembled headed to the school auditorium to witness the cultural celebrations. The programme comprised of welcome speech followed by varied speeches in English, Hindi and Punjabi regarding the making and importance of Indian Constitution. Students from different classes presented chauvinistic group song. Students from different classes presented group songs, energetic dance medley, poetic recitation depicting the enthusiasm and concern for the motherland showcased by the Shivalikians.. The entire atmosphere was filled with gusto and superiority for nation as expressions of ovation and slogans roared by the audience became louder. Skit on ‘Fundamental Rights’ and mime based on the ‘Role of Indian Army’ caught everyone’s responsiveness and everyone realized how crucial is the role of the soldiers in maintaining the unity and integrity of our India!!. The performance of the students of Shivalik Institute if Education and Research{SIER}made everyone spell bound. The Director Mr. D.S. Bedi,in the end addressed the Shivalikians and complimented them for showcasing an outstanding Republic Day programme. In addition, he urged them to show solidarity for the nation and asked them to learn to do something great for it. The curtains on the celebrations came down with the singing of the national anthem and with the distribution of the sweets among the students.



With a stern commitment to serve the nation , the 7 day National service scheme (NSS) camp started successfully with its formal inauguration today. Honourable Principal of the school Ms. AnupkiranKaur  graced the occasion with his auspicious presence and this filled every student with pride. Dr. Mrs. JyotiSoni,Principal, Shivalik Institute of Education and Research, Mohali, and BrahmakumariShivani and  Brahmakumari   Suman were also present on the occasion . On their arrival, the worthy guests were greeted by the NSS volunteers who sang the inspirational school shabad’ Deh Shiva Bar MoheIhe’ in their melodious voices.The camp was organized by the school NSS volunteers of class XI headed by the respected Principal of the school , Mrs Anupkiran Kaur. She gave a warm hearth welcome to everyone. The function began with the lighting of the traditional lamp. The Principal in her address, welcomed all and emphasised the importance of selfless service to be rendered by NSS volunteers and their duties and responsibilities towards the society. The basic aim of the camp is to inculcate social awareness amongst the students . The Principal ,Shivalik Public School, Mohali complimented the efforts made by the NSS volunteers and blessed them for their whole hearted endeavours. Brahma Kumaris inspired and motivated the students with their words of wisdom. The program which was started at 11:45 am and had a whole day of orientation program. Poster making competition was also conducted onthe  first day. Various activities  would be conducted through NSS such as Social Awareness, Orientation on Social and environmental issues etc. The program was dispersed by 4 pm.

Three-hour experiential training sessions are being conducted daily as a part of the special camp. On the second day of the camp, the NSS volunteers have been taken to the Traffic Park where the training constable gave the lectures to the volunteers. They have also been cautioned about the traffic safety rules and the dangers of flouting them. The volunteers on the third day have initiated the cleanliness drive  The students are being briefed about the cleanliness, health and hygiene. Swachhta Pledge was administered by the Respected Principal of the school.

This one day function scheduled was a great success and has induced in the students a culture for the serving nation and society. They all had an inner consciousness of social and civic responsibility. They have cultivated among them an art of working in groups and is going to help them in acquiring leadership qualities and democratic attitude. On the whole the NSS camp will play an active part in providing assistance to the society, which in turn is going to provide ample exposure and a sense of moral responsibility among its volunteers.


There is but one God. True is His Name, creative His personality and immortal His form. He is without fear sans enmity, unborn and self-illumined. By the Guru's grace He is obtained.” Guru Nanak

Shivalik Public School Mohali, celebrated Guru Nanak Dev's Gurpurab on 3rd November, 2017, Friday with great religious fervour. It was celebrated in the form of special assembly conducted by the students of junior, primary and senior school. The students sang religious hymns from the holy Guru Granth Sahib which were well explained by the teachers.

The special features of the programme were speeches, poetic recitation, videos, presentations on the life history and teachings of Guru Ji. Students delivered speeches about Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's life and his teachings. The students recited shabads from the holy book. The gaiety and sanctity of the occasion was well maintained. The atmosphere of the celebration was devotional and blissful. The programme culminated with the "Ardaas” the prayer wishing everyone with the Gurpurab greetings and for the welfare of everyone.

Mr D S Bedi, the school Director, in his speech, asked the students to follow the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and congratulated the students on this occasion. He reflected on the importance of the day and said that what Guru Nanak taught is very much relevant today. He asked the students to contribute immensely to this nation as Guru Ji had done.


Shivalik Public School, Mohali once again wore a festive look. The pre-primary & Primary wing of S.P.S, Mohali hosted its annual cultural function on December 3, 2017 based on the theme Unity in Diversity.

Chief guest of the day, Mr. Ashwini Luthra ,Chief Income Tax Commissioner and Guest of honour, Mrs. Chandni Luthra, Senior Vice President, ITDC  appreciated the impeccable performance of the students. Honorable director of the school Mr. DS Bedi graced the occasion with his auspicious presence and this filled every student with pride. The tiny tots left the audience spell bound with their meticulous performance of Ganesh Vandana. It was followed by the thrilling and scintillating carnival of dances, Group songs, poetic recitation and theme based grand finale.

The cultural fiesta was followed by the medal ceremony .The Director Mr. D.S. Bedi had a word of praise for the students. The end of the function culminated with National Anthem.


Shivalik Public School , Mohali organized “Demonstration & Evaluation, a joyful learning experience programme” for the tiny tots of Lower Kindergarten classes. In this fun & frolic exercise, the budding stars showcased their skills in front of their parents. It was a theme based programme. The different themes were Community Helpers, Seasons, Healthy Food and Good Manners and the students played their part extremely well.

Some of the English activities were ‘pick the correct letter’, ‘see the picture’ and ‘pick the correct letter’, ‘match the capital letter’ with small letter. Maths activities included recognition of numbers, count and tell and missing numbers.

Worthy principal Mrs. Anupkiran Kaur motivated the students with her kind feedback and she appreciated the efforts put in by the students.


Chandigarh: In its monthly lecture series, today, Society for Promotion of Science and Technology in India (SPSTI) organised a talk by Professor V K Jindal (presently Honorary Professor Bio & Nanotechnology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar) on ”Conserving energy and protecting environment for congested smart cities”at the Department of Physics, Panjab University.  This talk signified how adversely the environment can be affected by ever increasing dependence on air conditioning, which are being increasingly used for climatic comforts during summers. He emphasized that it is not only a question of huge requirement of energy but also how it affects individual rights of a citizen who has to forcibly breathe in hot air thrown out by huge number of air conditioning units all around, which Prof. Jindal described as a “passive heating”.

Passive heating or passive cooling both forcibly impact the life of ordinary citizens as well as local weather patterns. He suggested that by limiting volume of air conditioning to individual body, one can not only cut down on energy requirement hugely, but also provide a better environment. The technology hinges around wearing personal wear which are cooled (or heated) by possible new generation Peltier chips sewn clothes or embedded into the fabric thus greatly reducing the volume as well as the noise and chlorofluoro - carbon used in most compressors. He also said that warm countries must take initiatives to develop technologies suitable to our climate.


An Inter-Shivalik One Act Play competition was held in Shivalik Public School, Mohali. Students from different branches of Shivalik Public School took part in it. All participants showcased their innate theatrical vivid talents in different languages.

In Group A (III- V) English Play ‘King and his lazy subjects’ got the first position .Mishthi and Vanika were declared as best in acting. Akshat  was bestowed with ‘best in expression title’ and  Sahil was given ‘best attire’ title. Hunar was declared best in dialogue delivery.

In Group B (VI- VIII) English play “The Merchant of Venice”  bagged the first position .Harmilap and Avishi were declared as best in acting. Ananya Sharma  was bestowed with ‘best in expression’ title and  Tanveer Singh was given ‘best attire title’. Raghav Singh  was declared best in dialogue delivery.

In Group C (IX-XII) English play “ FACE THE REALITY”  bagged the first position in which Yashvi of Class IX and Armaan Noor Singh Brar  of Class XI were declared as the best in acting .Amarjot Kaur of Class X was bestowed with ‘best in expression ‘title and Akanksha was given ‘best attire ‘ title.  Ravya  was declared ‘best in dialogue delivery’.

In Group A (III-V) Hindi play “Masti ki pathsala”  bagged the first position .Krishna and Harsirat Kaur were declared as best in acting. Arshpreet Kaur  was bestowed with ‘best in expression’ title and  Anaya  was given ‘best attire’ title. Lovepreet  was declared ‘best in dialogue delivery’.

In Group B (VI- VIII)  Hindi play “Digita India”  bagged the first position .Varun and Sanjana were declared as best in acting. Ronit  was bestowed with best in expression title and  Devanshu was given best attire title. Parth  was ‘best in dialogue delivery’.

In Group C (IX-XII)  Hindi play ‘Jeevan Yatra’ bagged the first position in which Sumit and Nidhi  of Class IX were declared as the best in acting . Noor  was bestowed with ‘best in expression’ title and Sneha was ‘best in Attire’.  Abhijeet  was declared  best in ‘dialogue delivery’.

In Group A (III-V) Punjabi language   “Kaum da Heera”  bagged the first position .  Khushmeet was declared as the ‘best in acting and expressions’.  Gurkamal Kaur  was given ‘best attire’ title. 

In Group B (VI- VIII)  Punjabi play “ Badalda Punjab”  bagged the first position .Arshdeep Kaur and Rishav were declared as best in acting. Gurnoor Kaur  was bestowed with ‘best in expression’ and  ‘best attire’ title. Jasleen Kaur   was declared ‘best in dialogue delivery’.

In Group C (IX-XII)  Punjabi play ‘Jadon Jaago udun Savera  bagged the first position . Yuvraj Singh was declared as the best in acting and in expression . Kushsirat Kaur was declared as ‘best Actress’.  Gurleen Kaur was ‘best in Attire’.  Sukhreet Kaur was declared ‘best in dialogue delivery’.

Principal of the school,  Ms. Anupkiran Kaur appreciated the efforts done by the students. Indeed it was great platform to hone the hidden talent of young performers.


To instill a scientific temperament among the students, an exhibition for the Junior School was commemorated in Shivalik Public School, Mohali Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was a great platform for the students to showcase their practical knowledge as well as a unique learning experience.  Revered Directors, Mr. D.S. Bedi and Ms. Satwant Bedi inaugurated the exhibition.  Students showcased their working models for Science like Hydraulic Crane, Vaccum Cleaner, Windmill and Biogas plant and explained them well. The exhibits portrayed various concepts of Maths like Symmetry, Angles, Polygons, Fractions etc.  The students presented interesting facts about the Solar System, Natural Disaster, Rain Water Harvesting, Disaster Management, Water Cycle in their Social Science and EVS exhibits. The Principal of the school, Ms. Anupkiran Kaur encouraged the students for their endeavours. The best exhibits were awarded with prizes. Amiteshvar Singh (VI), Balpreet Singh (VII) and Nandini (VIII) got first prize in Science exhibits. In Maths Exhibition exhibits of Kamaljeet Kaur and Muskaan (VI), Anushka(VII) and Siddhant and Vishwajeet (VIII) got the first prize. Sarthak and Ayush(VI), Manasmeet Singh (VII) and Vishavjeet (VIII) got the first prizes in Social Science exhibits. Naitik Goyal(III), Guranmol(IV), Sukhnoor(V) got first prize in Maths exhibits. In EVS exhibition Gurdeet Singh(III), Takdeer Singh(IV), Akash(V) got the first prize.  The exhibition was a huge success as it helped in creating awareness and practical knowledge among the students.


To instill the scientific temperament among the students, an exhibition for the subject Science, Maths and Social Science was organized inShivalik Public School, Mohali.It was a great  platform for the students to showcase their hidden talent.Revered Director, Mr. D.S. Bedi inaugurated the exhibition. Students displayed their working models for the  subjects on themes likeNature conservation, Extinct species, Angles and Triangles, Applications of Trigonometry, economic activities, agro farms . The Principal of the school, Ms. AnupkiranKaur encouraged the students for their efforts.The best exhibits were awarded with the prizes. ManpreetKaur  (IX) and Nidhi(X)  got first prize in Maths Exhibits. In Science Exhibition , exhibits of Sumbul(IX) and Loveleen (X) were adjudged as first. Arushi (IX) and Pranav (X)  were given first prize for Social Science exhibits. Exhibition was great success to create awareness and practical knowledge among the students.



Punjab Pollution Control Board, Mohali organized poster making and poetic recitation Competition on the occasion of ‘World  Environment Day’ on 5th June, 2017 at North Country Mall, Mohali.

Jasneet Kaur(Class X) and Jasmine(Class VII) of Shivalik Public School won first prize in their respective categories in Poster Making and Tanveer Singh(Class VIII) won first prize in Poetic Recitation Competition. Other students of the school who accolades are Tamanna( Class VIII) for Poetic recitation and Ananya(Class IX), Bisman Singh(Class IV), Daya(Class VIII), Navkaran(Class VI) for poster making.



“Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role. It’s always about the goal”. 

On 8th May 2017, an Investiture ceremony was performed at Shivalik Public School, Phase-6, Mohali. Director Mr.D.S.Bedi, Director Mrs. Satwant Kaur, Principal Mrs. Anupkiran Kaur graced the occasion with their worthy presence and honoured the council members with badges and house flags. The ceremony commenced with the school shabad. A PPT was shown to the student council member about the rules and regulations of the council to perform their duties with determination and zeal.  Selected members are Jaskaran Singh XII-NM (Head Boy), Simranjot Kaur XII-NM(Head Girl),Sabrina Dhillon XII-M(Deputy Head Girl),Shivam, X-B Pratap House(Captain),Kirti,X-B Pratap House(Captain),Akashdeep Singh,X-S Azad House (Captain),Harleen Kaur,X-M Azad House (Captain),Amarvir Singh,X-S Ranjit House(Captain),Sukhreet Kaur,X-M Ranjit House (Captain), Bod Singh,X-M Subhash House (Captain), Ridhima,X-M Subhash House(Captain),Asavri,XI (Discipline Leader), Jasleen Kaur, X-M (Activity Leader), Simranpreet Kaur, X-B (Activity Leader), Rubal Raina, XI-M(Sports Leader, boys), Tejasvin Kaur, X-S( Sports Leader, girls). The pledge taking ceremony was performed by the students to be always committed and responsible towards the duties being assigned to them. The ceremony  concluded with the National Anthem.


God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”

In the same spirit, Shivalik Public School ,Mohali celebrated mother’s Day in the school auditorium on 14th May ,2017 .Celebration was glorified by the presence of revered Director Mrs. Satwant Bedi and Principal Mrs. Anupkiran Kaur. The function commenced with the school shabad followed by introductory speech by the school staff.

In this fun and frolic celebration, vibrant and enthusiastic mothers of primary wing students participated in various events like song activity, musical chair, tongue twister. Individual tip tapping guest performances were also there. The function concluded by the grand dance performance by the teachers


iiiThe premises of Shivalik Public School Mohali, reverberated with Baisakhi celebrations today.It was a double treat for Shivalikians as Baisakhi coincided with the 48th Founder’s Day of the school The celebrations were held in the school premise which was aptly decorated depicting the joviality of the harvest season. It was a day which was long awaited, a day yearned for by everyone forming part of Shivalik family.
The festivities started with the recitation of SukhmaniSahib ji in the school gurudwara. The teaching faculty recited the Path with great humility and respect. Later the venue of celebrations shifted to the state of art auditorium where the function was presented in two segments i.e. religious and cultural. The start was with the Sangrand celebration which went underway in a grand manner. The school students recited Shabads taking every one into the world of devotion and spirituality. Students presented a shining example of discipline and perseverance. Chhabeel that served cold sweet water was also put up. Then there came the third half of the was the grand cultural extravaganza a fruition of a collective dream that the students had worked to execute. It was a spectacular rcelebration, a delightful medleys of foot tapping music and stunning visuals ,spectacular dances and thought provoking presentations, poetic recitation and speeches.
A nostalgic Powerpoint presentation on the school’s glorious past highlighting the accomplishments made by Shivalikians in different spheres of life was also showcased which added charm to the joviality of Baisakhi. Dance troupe and the singers of the school choir enthralled the audience greatly. The festive spirit achieved its greatest height with the Bhangra performance when students performed it in a synchronized steps in colorful attire which enthralled everybody. The School director Mr. D.S.Bedi wished everybody Happy Baisakhi and Founder’s Day . Cherishing the memories of Founder’s Day headed that foundation stone of Shivalik was laid 47 years ago on this day by five students amidst recitation of Gurbani .Since then this prestigious institution has endeavoured to channelize the energy and the creativity of young minds towards their overall development and perfection. He apprised the students about the importance of the day and urged them to spread the message of universal brotherhood like that of Guru Sahib.He valued students and staff members for their efforts. The curtain on the function came down with the singing of the National Anthem.